Philips Brilliance 64 CT Scanner

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The Philips Brilliance 64 CT scanner is one of the most advanced, powerful and versatile systems on the market today. With 64-channel configuration, this system is capable of handling cardiac, trauma, pulmonary and pediatric imaging applications to name just a few. Despite being one of the most powerful machines available, it is faster than many less powerful machines and its MRC x-ray tube helps eliminate waiting time between sequences. That will help you give your patients a more pleasant experience on the scanning table, and with its wide range of software and processing applications, you can have quality results faster than ever.

Using Philips’ Essence technology, the Brilliance 64 offers a winning combination of dose efficiency and rapid reconstruction times. Of course that wouldn’t be worth much without producing high quality imaging, but the Brilliance 64 is already renowned for producing unrivaled images.

Philips Brilliance 64 CT Scanner Product Features

  • MRC X-ray tube
  • DoseWise design
  • 40mm coverage
  • 3-D cone beam reconstruction
  • Spiral Groove Bearing
  • NanoPanel tile detectors

Purchasing a brand new Philips Brilliance 64 CT scanner is simply out of the price range of most buyers, especially since this system is one of the newest and most advanced available. But we can help you save up to 60% or more with a refurbished Philips Brilliance 64 CT scanner. And with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that you are getting a top quality system that will perform for years to come. Use the contact form below to request more information or to get a price quote on a Philips Brilliance 64 CT scanner.

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